• Rally Day start time approximately 9am, dependant on weather and time of year (this time is subject to change)
  • Rally Day consists of 3 sessions
  • Lunch is usually after the 2nd session, followed by the 3rd session
  • Rally Day concludes between 2-3pm

Our Dural Pony Club Handbook contains full information concerning regarding:

  • Gear Checks
  • Uniform and Safety Requirements
  • Points Score
  • Attendance Sheets
  • Sign In Book
  • Rally Day Etiquette

If you have any questions please seek advice from one of our Instructors or Executive Committee Member for clarification or email to duralponyclub@hotmail.com

At all times Riders, Instructors, Parents and Volunteers on Rally Days and all Competitions must adhere to the Pony Club Australia Code of Conduct.